Test plasujący poziom język angielskiego

Test plasujący poziom język angielskiego pozwalający na ocenę poziomu zaawansowania znajomości języka angielskiego.

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1. I __________ from France
a) isb) arec) amd) be

2. This is my friend. __________ name is Peter.
a) Herb) Ourc) His

3. Mike is __________
a) my sister's friendb) friend my sisterc) friend from my sisterd) my sister friend's

4. My brother is __________ artist.
a) theb) anc) a

5. __________ 20 desks in the classroom
a) This isb) There isc) They ared) There are

6. Paul __________ romantic films
a) likes notb) don't likec) doesn't liked) isn't likes

7. Sorry, I can't talk. I __________ right now.
a) drivingb) 'm drivingc) drivesd) drive

8. She __________ at school last week
a) didn't beb) weren'tc) wasn'td) isn't

9. I __________ the film last night
a) likeb) likesc) likingd) liked

10. __________ a piece of cake? No, thank you
a) Do you likeb) Would you likec) Want youd) Are you like

11. The living room is __________ than the bedroom
a) more bigb) more biggerc) biggestd) bigger

12. The car is very old. We?re going __________ a new car soon.
a) to buyb) buyingc) to will buyd) buy

13. Jane is a vegetarian. She __________ meat
a) sometimes eatsb) never eatsc) often eatsd) usually eats

14. There aren?t __________ buses late in the evening
a) someb) anyc) nod) a

15. The car park is __________ to the restaurant.
a) nextb) oppositec) behindd) in front

16. Sue __________ shopping every day.
a) is goingb) goc) goingd) goes

17. They __________ in the park when it started to rain heavily.
a) walkedb) were walkingc) were walkd) are walking

18. __________ seen fireworks before
a) Did you everb) Are you everc) Have you everd) Do you ever

19. We've been friends __________ many years
a) sinceb) fromc) duringd) for

20. You __________ pay for the tickets. They?re free
a) have tob) don't havec) don't nedd tod) doesn't have to

21. Jeff was ill last week and he __________ go out
a) needn'tb) can'tc) mustn'tc) couldn't

22. These are the photos __________ I took on holiday
a) whichb) whoc) whatd) where

23. We'll stay at home if it __________ this afternoon
a) rainingb) rainsc) will raind) rain

24. He doesn't smoke now, but he __________ a lot when he was young.
a) has smokedb) smokesc) used to smoked) was smoked

25. Mark plays football __________ anyone else I know
a) more good thanb) as better asc) best thand) better than

26. I promise I __________ you as soon as I've finished this cleaning
a) will helpb) am helpingc) going to helpd) have helped

27. This town __________ by lots of tourists during the summer
a) visitsb) visitedc) is visitingd) is visited

28. He said that his friends __________ to speak to him after they lost the football match.
a) not wantb) weren'tc) didn't wantd) aren't wanting

29. How about __________ to the cinema tonight?
a) goingb) goc) to god) for going

30. Excuse me, can you __________ me the way to the station, please?
a) giveb) takec) telld) say

31. I wasn?t interested in the performance very much. __________
a) I didn't too.b) Neither was I.c) Nor I did.d) So I wasn't.

32. Take a warm coat, __________ you might get very cold outside.
a) otherwiseb) in casec) so thatd) in order to

33. __________ this great book and I can't wait to see how it ends
a) I don't readb) I've readc) I've been readingd) I read

34. What I like more than anything else __________ at weekends.
a) playing golfb) to play golfc) is playing golfd) is play golf

35. She __________ for her cat for two days when she finally found it in the garage.
a) lookedb) had been lookedc) had been lookingd) were looking

36. We won't catch the plane __________ we leave home now! Please hurry up!
a) ifb) providing thatc) exceptd) unless

37. If I hadn't replied to your email, I __________ here with you now
a) can't beb) wouldn't bec) won't bed) haven't been

38. Do you think you __________ with my mobile phone soon? I need to make a call.
a) finishb) are finishingc) will have finishedd) are finished

39. I don't remember mentioning __________ dinner together tonight.
a) go forb) you going toc) to go ford) going for

40. Was it Captain Cook __________ New Zealand?
a) who discoveredb) discoveredc) that discoverd) who was discovering

41. You may not like the cold weather here, but you'll have to __________ , I'm afraid.
a) tell it offb) sort itc) self output up with itd) put it off

42. It's cold so you should __________ on a warm jacket.
a) putb) wearc) dressd) Take

43. Paul will look __________ our dogs while we?re on holiday.
a) atb) forc) intod) after

44. She __________ a lot of her free time reading.
a) doesb) spendc) shasd) makes

45. Hello, this is Simon. Could I __________ to Jane, please?
a) sayb) tellc) calld) speak

46. They're coming to our house __________ Saturday.
a) inb) atc) ond) with

47. I think it's very easy to __________ debt these days.
a) go intob) becomec) go down tod) get info

48. Come on! Quick! Let's get __________ !
a) highlightb) crackingc) massived) with immediate effect

49. I phoned her __________ I heard the news.
a) minuteb) duringc) by the timed) the moment

50. I feel very __________ . I'm going to go to bed!
a) napb) asleepc) sleepyd) sleeper

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